7 Preliminary Program | www.atanet.org/conf/2019 AST-10 Fundamentals of Machine Translation and Post-Editing Jay Marciano This workshop will provide a fundamental understanding of what goes into post-editing projects so that attendees can develop skills for keeping pace in our rapidly changing industry Course fee: $150 | All Levels | Language-Neutral | Laptop Required ___________________________ AST-11 An Ounce of Action Is Worth a Ton of Theory: Advanced Practical Tips and Tricks to Streamline Translation Projects Sameh Ragab Join the speaker on a journey detailing complex translation scenarios taken from real projects. This workshop will be packed with dozens of recorded demos that make the learning process fruitful and fun at the same time. Course fee: $150 | All Levels | Language-Neutral ___________________________ AST-12 A Guide to Achieving Faithful but Idiomatic Translations María Barros This workshop will showcase the main problems that make translations less idiomatic, as well as techniques to avoid them. At the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to compile their own checklist of problems and solutions for quality control purposes. Course fee: $150 | All Levels | Spanish Required | Limited to 50 participants ___________________________ AST-13 Better Online Searches: Techniques and Tools Elizabeth Adams The speaker will demonstrate cognitive strategies translators can use to target their searches and evaluate their results to improve the quality of their online research. How to use common tools in new ways that are beneficial for translation research will be discussed. Course fee: $150 | Intermediate | Language-Neutral | Laptop Required | Limited to 35 participants ___________________________ “It’s exactly what I need to raise my skill level to the next level.” AST-6 Preparing for ATA’s French— >English Certification Exam Bruce Popp and Mylène Vialard Get ready to take on this challenge by completing a practice test and receiving hands-on instruction for avoiding errors. If you submit your test by September 23, it will be graded and returned to you at the end of the course. Course fee: $200 | All Levels | French Required | Limited to 25 participants ATA Practice Test has a value of $80-$120. ___________________________ AST-7 Preparing for ATA’s Chinese— >English Certification Exam James Jones This workshop will consist of six distinct 20-minute practical modules focusing on a specified translation problem, followed by translation exercises. Course fee: $150 | Intermediate | Chinese Required ___________________________ “Taking such a deep dive into a topic is absolutely wonderful and well worth the money.” AST-8 Cloud Subtitling Pablo Fernández Moriano In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn how to create, edit, and translate subtitles with different cloud-based tools. Course fee: $150 | All Levels | Language-Neutral ___________________________ AST-9 Simultaneous Interpreting Is a Tactile Experience Chen Ji The speaker will discuss some of the common challenges facing interpreters today, along with strategies and tactics for navigating the demanding terrain of this profession. Course fee: $150 | All Levels | Chinese Required To be submitted for Certified Interpreter CEs. AST COURSES: WEDNESDAY 1:00PM - 4:30PM Q ATA60 ADVANCED SKILLS & TRAINING DAY Q LEARN MORE ABOUT AST DAY See full course descriptions, speaker bios, cancellation policies, and course requirements, at www.atanet.org/conf/2019/ast. PROGRAM SUBJECT TO CHANGE