3 Preliminary Program | www.atanet.org/conf/2019 DICTIONARY EXCHANGE Recycle your rсourcс! Donate the dictionaries you no longer need and find ones you can put to good use. One linguist’s trash is another linguist’s treasure. WEDNESDAY 7:30AM - SATURDAY 5:00PM __________________________ “Speakers are engaging, open- minded, and willing to share their knowledge, tips, and ideas.” __________________________ LEADERSHIP TRAINING Key volunteers are invited! Members of Chapter/Affiliate Boards and Division Leadership take part in this roundtable discussion to become more effective leaders. WEDNESDAY 1:30PM - 4:30PM DISTINGUISHED SPEAKERS Learn from the experts! These select speakers were invited to contribute a high level of advanced learning, experience, and excellence. Visit www.atanet.org/conf/2019/distinguished for speaker bios! Audiovisual Division Pablo Romero Fresco Chinese Language Division Chen Ji Dutch Language Division Marcel Lemmens and Tony Parr Educators Division R. Kelly Washbourne French Language Division Martin Hemmings German Language Division Ruth Martin Interpreters Division Odilia Romero Italian Language Division Ann Goldstein Japanese Language Division Emiko Iizumi Korean Language Division Hannah Song Literary Division Ann Goldstein Medical Division Marie M. Spivey Nordic Division Inger Lise Sæter Kontochristos Portuguese Language Division Ewandro Magalhães Slavic Languages Division Boris Dralyuk Spanish Language Division Miguel Sáenz Translation Company Division Andrew Lawless _________________________ “Sessions are fascinating and relevant, providing insights into industry trends.” EDUCATION YOU NEED __________________________ Connect now with #ATA60! ATA60 ADVANCED SKILLS & TRAINING DAY Q Want more education? See page 6 for details.