American Translators Association | 60th Annual Conference 10 PRESENTING LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. FRIDAY, 11:15AM - 12:15PM 061 L SL A Guided Journey: The Importance of Mentorship Boris Dralyuk DS (BEG) 062 MED ST Genetic Engineering of Humans Tapani Ronni (INT) 063 IT L The Art and Craft of Translation Ann Goldstein DS (ALL) 064 ET LSC Standardized Competencies for Professional Localization Project Management Practice Alaina Brandt (ADV) 065 TRM How to Train Your Furry Dragon, or the Art of the Animal Chuchotage Joanna Wachowiak-Finlaison (ALL) 066 IC Translating the Tax Code (Ouch!), Part II Margo Bowman (BEG) 067 IC Confidentiality and Security Requirements for the Global Translator, Part II Monique Longton and Emanuel Weisgras (ALL) 068 I LAW MED The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act for Medical Interpreters Ingrid Oseguera (ALL) 069 F Writing about People, for People: Making French→English Translations Sound Human, Part II Martin Hemmings DS (ADV) 070 S La tragicomedia de la traducción de obras teatrales Miguel Saenz DS (Presented in Spanish, ALL) 071 GOV V Working in Conflict Zones May Bring Physical, Psychological, and Political Risks but also Rewards David Violet (ALL) 072 GOV 2020 Census Translation Services Mario Flores and Jason Kopp (ALL) 073 I IC TI Re-Interpreting Interpreting: Leveraging Cultural Capital in the Age of Digital Project Management Julie Tay (ALL) 074 L Translation on Steroids: How Looking at Thousands of Translations Enhances Understanding Jost Zetzsche (ALL) 075 LAW TRM LGBTQ+ Terminology and the Law Vinka Valdivia (ALL) FRIDAY, 2:00PM - 3:00PM 076 J The Legal Translation Market in Japan and the Skills Required of Legal Translators: Current Trends and the Outlook for the Future, Part I Emiko Iizumi DS (Presented in Japanese, ALL) 077 FIN Understanding Financial Jargon, Part I Silvana Debonis (Presented in English, INT) 078 L P Transcending the Toxic Legacy of Saint Jerome Ewandro Magalhaes DS (ALL) 079 ET Curriculum as Process and Praxis: Responsive Community and Global Learning Environments Kelly Washbourne DS (BEG) 080 F G L Translating Complex Genres: Essays, Scholarship, and Philosophy Spencer Hawkins (ALL) 081 IC ST Doing Good Work: A Path to Success as an Independent Translator Nicholas Hartmann (ALL) 082 L S A Translational Turn: Latinx Literature in Spanish Arrives Marta Sanchez (ALL) 083 MED TI The Current and Future State of Medical Interpreting Services Abi Gaines and Eric Woelfel (ALL) 084 G N The Joy and Agony of Reading “Kurrent” Script Hans-Jochen Trost (ALL) 085 S Translating Latin American Case Law Madeline Rios (ADV) 086 AV Interlingual Real-Time Closed Captions: Where Accessibility Meets Translation Pablo Romero-Fresco DS (INT) 087 LT Regular Expressions for Dummies Reginaldo Francisco (ADV) 088 I LT TI AY-AY-AY AI! Is Artificial Intelligence Really Something to Fear? Katharine Allen and Barry Olsen (ALL) 089 T Transcreation: When Every Word Matters Kristy Sakai (ALL) 090 K North Korean Refugees: Navigating the Unique Interpreting Challenges Posed by 70 years of Separation, Part I Jennifer An and Hannah Song DS (Presented in English and Korean, ALL) MED Medical T&I ST Science & Technology T Translation TI T&I Industry TRM Terminology V Varia ATA ATA Activities AV Audiovisual CE Certification Exam ET Educators & Trainers FIN Financial Translation GOV Government T&I I Interpreting IC Independent Contractors L Literary Translation LAW Legal T&I LSC Language Services Companies LT Language Technology J Japanese K Korean N Nordic Languages P Portuguese S Spanish SL Slavic Languages A Arabic C Chinese D Dutch F French G German IT Italian