11 Preliminary Program | www.atanet.org/conf/2019 Find abstracts, spreaker bios, and more at WWW.ATANET.ORG/CONF/2019. SESSION SCHEDULE SATURDAY, 8:30AM - 9:30AM 106 J Deposition Interpreting Workshop Manako Ihaya and Izumi Suzuki (Presented in Japanese, INT) 107 K Fundamentals of the Pharmaceutical Clinical Study-Related Translation Field (Korean→English) Carl Sullivan (INT) 108 C From Multi-Threading to Multi-Hatting: Making Sense in Translation for International Organizations Aaron Hebenstreit (ADV) 109 ET I The Indigenous Interpreter: Finally, a Training Program for Indigenous Interpreters Available to All Katharine Allen (INT) 110 G L Moving Sideways: Breaking into Book Translation and Working with Publishers Ruth Martin DS (ALL) 111 IC Ensuring Payment Before, During, and After the Project Ted Wozniak (BEG) 112 IC TRM Tools for Language Learning and Maintenance Sara Maria Hasbun (ALL) 113 I IC Professional Identity: Can It Help Prepare Us for the AI Revolution? Giovanna Carriero-Contreras (ALL) 114 IC LSC The Business of Translation Renato Beninatto and Tucker Johnson (ALL) 115 S Do as They Say, Not as They Does! A Year’s Worth of Queer Translation Errors Reviewed Ártemis López (Presented in English and Spanish, ALL) 116 ST Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Plain Language Romina Marazzato Sparano (ALL) 117 LT TI Future Tense: How has Neural Machine Translation Changed Our Industry and Where Will Technology Take Us in the Next 10 Years? Jay Marciano (ALL) 118 IC T Translating for the Market(ing) Research Sector Robin Limmeroth (ALL) 119 LAW Team Interpreting Inside and Out: Science, Law, Policy, Management, and Execution Sandro Tomasi (ALL) FRIDAY, 3:30PM - 4:30PM 091 J The Legal Translation Market in Japan and the Skills Required of Legal Translators: Current Trends and the Outlook for the Future, Part II Emiko Iizumi DS (Presented in Japanese, ALL) 092 FIN Understanding Financial Jargon, Part II Silvana Debonis (INT) 093 C CE ATA’s Chinese→English Certification Exam: Tips for Avoiding the 24 Error Categories Douglas McNeal (INT) 094 ET Pedagogical Tools for Teaching Translation and Interpreting Online Laurence Jay-Rayon Ibrahim Aibo, Elena Langdon, and Cristiano Mazei (ALL) 095 A Repositioning the Human Translator in the Digital Age: Translating and Editing Arabic Religious Texts Hadeer Abo El Nagah (ALL) 096 IC Authentic Networking for Introverts Anne Goff (ALL) 097 LAW Lock, Stock, and Barrel: Tools for Simultaneous Interpreting Development, Practice, and Performance Diana Arbiser and Fatima Cornwall (ALL) 098 MED P Leveling the Playing Field through Education and Health Care Marie Spivey DS (ALL) 099 G The Well-Connected Translator: Building and Maintaining a Healthy Professional Network Ruth Martin DS (ALL) 100 S Let’s Sharpen the Pencils Olga Lucia Mutis (Presented in Spanish, ALL) 101 AV Accessible Filmmaking: Integrating Translation into Film Production Pablo Romero-Fresco DS (INT) 102 IC GOV Using Your Language Proficiency and Cultural Expertise: Employment Opportunities with the Federal Government Rusty Shughart (ALL) 103 I Intervening without Interfering Armando Ezquerra Hasbun (ALL) 104 T Translating the Gap: Capturing Elusive Meaning Sabine Seiler (INT) 105 K North Korean Refugees: Navigating the Unique Interpreting Challenges Posed by 70 years of Separation, Part II Jennifer An and Hannah Song DS (Presented in English and Korean, ALL) BEG = Beginner (Attendees with 1-3 years of experience) INT = Intermediate (Attendees with 4-6 years of experience) ADV = Advanced (Attendees with 7+ years of experience) ALL = All Levels (Attendees of all levels of experience) DS = Distinguished Speaker. See page 3 to learn more.