American Translators Association | 60th Annual Conference 8 PRESENTING LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. MED Medical T&I ST Science & Technology T Translation TI T&I Industry TRM Terminology V Varia ATA ATA Activities AV Audiovisual CE Certification Exam ET Educators & Trainers FIN Financial Translation GOV Government T&I I Interpreting IC Independent Contractors L Literary Translation LAW Legal T&I LSC Language Services Companies LT Language Technology J Japanese K Korean N Nordic Languages P Portuguese S Spanish SL Slavic Languages A Arabic C Chinese D Dutch F French G German IT Italian THURSDAY, 11:15AM - 12:15PM 001 K Linguistic and Cultural Pitfalls in Korean Legal Interpreting Davi Kim (Presented in English and Korean, ALL) 002 LAW P Translating Brazilian Court Documents Timothy Friese (INT) 003 A CE Tips for Passing ATA’s English→Arabic Certification Exam Elias Shakkour (Presented in English and Arabic, ADV) 004 ET Learners, Teachers, and Tasks: Reflective Practice for Success in the Translation Classroom Kelly Washbourne DS (BEG) 005 G Going Negative: Challenges in Working with Negation in German→English Translations Geoffrey Cox (ALL) 006 IC Negotiating Your Way to Success John Di Rico (ALL) 007 GOV IC Going Institutional: A Primer on Translation for International Organizations Izaskun Orkwis (INT) 008 ATA Orientation for First-Time Attendees Jill R. Sommer (BEG) 009 F How to Translate Financial Reporting Warren Buffet-Style Amanda N. Williams (Presented in English and French, ADV) 010 S Words in Context: Translating Business and Finance from English into Spanish Silvana Debonis (Presented in Spanish, INT) 011 ST 50 Years Beyond the Giant Leap: Spacecraft Navigation from Apollo to the 21st Century Stephen Volante (ALL) 012 LT Optimizing the Verification Functions in Trados Studio Tuomas Kostiainen (INT) 013 IC N T Become More Productive and Structured, and Earn More as a Freelance Translator! Inger Lise Kontochristos DS (ALL) 014 T Exploring the English Tense System: Advanced Version Paul B. Gallagher (ALL) 015 IC LAW Breaking into Legal Translation Paula Arturo (ALL) THURSDAY, 2:00PM - 3:00PM 016 A Introduction to Arabic Translation: Challenges and Tips Hiba Gharib (Presented in English and Arabic, ALL) 017 P Problems and Solutions in Literary Translation: From Obedience to Freedom Jayme Costa-Pinto and Karen Sotelino (Presented in English and Portuguese, ALL) 018 J CAT Tools and Their Use in Japanese to/from English Translation Paul Koehler (INT) 019 ET Educational Interpreting as an Emerging Specialization: Practical Strategies for Creating Effective Training Programs Katharine Allen (ALL) 020 C Playing Linguistic Ping-Pong: A UN Interpreter’s Perspective, Part I Chen Ji DS (Presented in English and Chinese, ALL) 021 IC Pricing Your Work: Using Objective Data to Set Your Rates Corinne McKay and John Milan (ALL) 022 TI America’s Languages: What We’re Doing for the Language Industry for the 21st Century Bill Rivers (ALL) 023 MED Drugs, Alcohol, and Fentanyl: Interpreting for Chemical Dependency Patients Judit Marin (ALL) 024 AV IC Are You a CAD (Certified Audio Describer)? Joel Snyder (BEG) 025 S Inside IVs and Injections: Prickly Problems in Spanish→English Translation Kathryn German (Presented in English, INT) 026 TRM Creating New Terminology: Do Translators Really Do This? Barbara Inge Karsch (ALL) 027 L Kapow! Graphic Novels Deconstructed (for Translators) Mercedes Guhl and Nanette McGuinness (INT) 028 GOV “I’m Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. Secretary” Lam Chung-Pollpeter, Marina Gross, and Lefteris Kafatos (ALL) 029 T Localization Essentials for Newbies Georgina Teran-Manrique (BEG) 030 I LAW Blurring the Lines in the Courtroom: Officer of the Court, Expert Witness, or Interpreter? Part I Melinda Gonzalez-Hibner (ALL)