American Translators Association | 60th Annual Conference 12 SATURDAY, 10:00AM - 11:00AM 120 SL On Understanding and Translating Humor: The Spirits of Heinrich Böll’s House Martha Kosir (Presented in English and Slovenian, ALL) 121 IC The “Perques” of Being a Wallflower Translator: How to Masterfully Deal with a Big, Scary Room of Potential Customers Robert Sette (ALL) 122 A Automation of Arabic-Language Custom Verification Rules, Part I Sameh Ragab (Presented in English and Arabic, ADV) 123 ET I S Heritage Speakers in Health Care Interpreting: A Case Study in Virtual Training Julie Burns and Tracy Young (INT) 124 G If It Fits, It Fits: Condensing Strategies for Audiovisual Translation into German Dietlinde DuPlessis (Presented in English and German, ALL) 125 IC Changing the Conversation on Pricing Michael Schubert (INT) 126 AV LT How to Learn New Productivity Tools for Free Alan Melby and Jeannette Stewart (INT) 127 I Note-Taking in Consecutive Interpreting, Part I David Violet (ALL) 128 C CE T A Translation Practice Group that Works Rony Gao and Tianlu Redmon (ALL) 129 FIN LAW S A Little Help from My Friends: Legal-Financial Mutualism Analia Bogdan and Romina Redondo (Presented in English and Spanish, ALL) 130 F G J S ST Poly-What? A Translator’s Guide to Polymer Science Matthew Schlecht (INT) 131 TI New Roles for Translators and Interpreters Jennifer DeCamp (ALL) 132 D T TRM “Emancipation”: Granting Equal Rights, or Allowing Equal Rights? The Hidden Biases of Dictionaries Neil Gouw (Presented in English w/Dutch examples, ALL) 133 LAW P Comparative Law for Portuguese Translators: The Brazilian Civil Code Timothy Friese and Melissa Harkin (Presented in English and Portuguese, INT) SATURDAY, 11:15AM - 12:15PM 134 MED SL Empowerment, Objectification, and other Linguistic Challenges when Translating an Academic Textbook on Polish Medical Law from Polish into English Katarzyna Diehl (ADV) 135 P Peace Brokers, Peace Breakers: The Role of Interpreters in War and Peace Ewandro Magalhaes DS (ALL) 136 A Automation of Arabic-Language Custom Verification Rules, Part II Sameh Ragab (Presented in English and Arabic, ADV) 137 MED Demystifying Medical Record Translation Soula Kokotinis-Rozic (ALL) 138 ATA Introduction to ATA’s Mentoring Program Susanne van Eyl and Kyle Vraa (ALL) 139 IC The Freelancer in the Global Market: Accessing the World Market and Managing Your Business Stephen Rifkind (INT) 140 IC LT Mac Toolkit for Translators John Di Rico (ALL) 141 I Note-Taking in Consecutive Interpreting, Part II David Violet (ALL) 142 F Diagramming French and English Sentences Bruce Popp (Presented in English and French, ALL) 143 S Lo que mis autores hicieron por mí y lo que yo hice por ellos Miguel Saenz DS (Presented in Spanish, ALL) 144 AV When You Are the Audio and the Visual: Working as an Audiovisual Interpreter Ellen Sowchek (ALL) 145 IC N How to Build a Freelance Translation Team Inger Lise Kontochristos DS (ALL) 146 AV IT L Translation Goes for Baroque: Bringing Lost Operas Back to Life with Supertitles Joe McClinton (ALL) 147 LAW S Finding the Functional Equivalent for Understanding Armando Ezquerra Hasbun (Presented in English w/Spanish examples, ADV) MED Medical T&I ST Science & Technology T Translation TI T&I Industry TRM Terminology V Varia ATA ATA Activities AV Audiovisual CE Certification Exam ET Educators & Trainers FIN Financial Translation GOV Government T&I I Interpreting IC Independent Contractors L Literary Translation LAW Legal T&I LSC Language Services Companies LT Language Technology J Japanese K Korean N Nordic Languages P Portuguese S Spanish SL Slavic Languages A Arabic C Chinese D Dutch F French G German IT Italian PRESENTING LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.