13 Preliminary Program | www.atanet.org/conf/2019 Find abstracts, spreaker bios, and more at WWW.ATANET.ORG/CONF/2019. SESSION SCHEDULE SATURDAY, 3:30PM - 4:30PM 162 J Can We Speak the Same Language? Some Knotty Problems in Japanese→English Patent Translation Jon Johanning (INT) 163 AV K Translating Hollywood: The Limits of Localization Elena Chang (Presented in English and Korean, ALL) 164 V Oh, My Aching Back (Hips, Neck, Wrists, Ankles, Feet, Eyes) Eva Stabenow (ALL) 165 MED LT The Basics of Celiac Disease Danielle Maxson (ALL) 166 A LSC T Challenges in Bi-Directional Texts Tzviya Levin Rifkind (INT) 167 LT Why Translation Technology Still Matters Yves Champollion, Paul Filkin, Peter Reynolds, and Jost Zetzsche (ALL) 168 I From the Stage to the Booth: Acting Tips to Improve Your Interpreting Javier Castillo (ALL) 169 F What’s an Oversize Cowgirl Total Look? “English” in French Fashion Vocabulary and How to Translate It Denise Jacobs and Liza Tripp (Presented in English w/French examples, ADV) 170 I S Interpreting at a Detention Center for Asylum Seekers Robin Ragan (ALL) 171 AV S Deadpool 2: Translating an R-Rated Film from English into Castilian Spanish Pablo Fernández Moriano (ALL) 172 IC Enhancing the Professional Status of Translators Donald Barabé (ALL) 173 ET LAW MED How to Provide Effective Feedback in Online Translation Courses Miguel A. Jimenez-Crespo (ALL) 174 A LAW P S Translating the “Universal Language” of Legal Latin Timothy Friese (ALL) SATURDAY, 2:00PM - 3:00PM 148 J Applying Latent Rhetorical Differences to Japanese→English Translation Yoko Hasegawa (ALL) 149 P The Challenges and Traps of Translating in the Realm of Sustainable Development Melissa Harkin (Presented in English and Portuguese, ALL) 150 IT English→Italian Translation Slam! Francesca Marchei, Giovanna Massari, and Andrea Filippo Tuveri (Presented in Italian, ALL) 151 MED Interpreting for Palliative Care in Pediatrics Daniela Obregon (ALL) 152 F IT L La Belle Infidèle: Reframing Accuracy in Poetry Translation Sarah Stickney and Diana Thow (Presented in English w/French and Italian examples, ALL) 153 IC I, Two, Make Mistakes Jutta Diel-Dominique and Mylene Vialard (ALL) 154 LT Getting at That Text: Tips for Translating Images, PDFs, and PowerPoints Ray Valido (BEG) 155 I S Body Language and Paralanguage in the Interpreter-Mediated Encounter Priscilla Ortiz (ALL) 156 LSC LT S Management Tools for Translation Companies: An Aerial View Bridget Hylak and Veronica Lulushi (Presented in English and Spanish, ALL) 157 S The Anatomy of a Multilingual Style Guide Miria Vargas (ADV) 158 AV A Look at Subtitling and Closed-Captioning Software Deborah Wexler (ALL) 159 GOV Assessing Translation and Interpreting Performance Amanda Curry and Monique Roske (ALL) 160 IC TI Professional Promotion Strategies: The Canadian Model Dominique Bohbot (ALL) 161 GOV LAW Subpoena Power of Congress in the Case of Diplomatic Interpreters of the President of the United States Tony Rosado (ADV) BEG = Beginner (Attendees with 1-3 years of experience) INT = Intermediate (Attendees with 4-6 years of experience) ADV = Advanced (Attendees with 7+ years of experience) ALL = All Levels (Attendees of all levels of experience) DS = Distinguished Speaker. See page 3 to learn more.