7 Preliminary Program | www.atanet.org/conf/2018 Q Q ADVANCED SKILLS & TRAINING DAY ATA59 LEARN ALL ABOUT AST DAY See full course descriptions, speaker bios, course requirements, and cancellation policies at www.atanet.org/conf/2018/ast. PROGRAM SUBJECT TO CHANGE AST COURSES: 1:00PM - 4:30PM, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24 AST-9 Tell It to the Judge: Translating Written Submissions into English Eve Hecht and Emanuel Weisgras Briefs, motions, and other court submissions are often written in a language all their own. Through hands-on work with sample texts, you’ll learn specific nomenclature and how to find the right register to properly reflect the original. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 30 participants - Language-Neutral - Intermediate AST-10 Are You Ready to Translate and Interpret State-of-the-Art Medicine? Pablo Mugüerza CRISPR, CAR-T cell therapy, TCR therapy, monoclonal antibodies, immune check- point inhibitors, and more must be translated by those who know more than just the word-by-word translation. Come discover the terms you won’t find in dictionaries. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 50 participants - Language-Neutral - Advanced - To be submited for Certified Interpreter CEs AST-11 NMT and Me: Securing Your Future as a Language Professional in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Machine Translation Jay Marciano Do you have the skills that will soon be in demand? Get the strategies that will allow you to—not only remain relevant—but thrive in our rapidly changing world. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 40 participants - Language-Neutral - All Levels - Laptop with Internet Browser Required AST-12 Interpreting Assignments: Preparation 2.0 Maha El-Metwally and Darinka Mangino Adapt your preparation methods to attain higher quality and job satisfaction. You’ll explore tools, apps, and gadgets to make your life easier and get more organized. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 35 participants - Laptop Required - Language-Neutral; Advanced - To be submited for Certified Interpreter CEs “Emanuel was able to use his law background to present compelling information.” “Pablo is a top-notch speaker and an expert in the field. He is a rock star.” “Jay delivers insight into the impact of AI and what to expect in the future.” “Maha is fantastic. She provides insightful, informative, and sincere communication.” AST-13 Practical Technologies for Interpreters Esther M. Navarro-Hall Improve your skills and performance with the wealth of technologies available. You will use digital pens and apps to learn the practical implications in various settings. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 30 participants - Laptop or Tablet Required - Language Neutral; Intermediate - To be submited for Certified Interpreter CEs AST-14 How to Handle System-Inherent English— >German Translation Problems Efficiently Karin Königs Before the course, you will receive a selection of English examples to translate into German and together we will discover the patterns and problems that arise. Equipped with such a toolkit, you will possess the solutions you need. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 30 participants - German Required - All Levels AST-15 Preparing for ATA’s Spanish— >English Certification Exam Jane Maier and Holly Mikkelson Get ready to take on this challenge by completing a Practice Test and receiving hands-on instruction for avoiding errors. If you submit your test by September 24, it will be graded and returned to you at the end of the course. - Course fee: $300 - Limited to 25 participants - Spanish Required - All Levels - ATA Practice Test has a value of $80-$120 AST-16 A Guide to German Business Taxation Robin Bonthrone Comprehend the bilingual concepts and terminology from direct taxes such as Körperschaftsteuer (corporate income tax) and Gewerbesteuer (trade tax) to indirect taxes (Umsatzsteuer/VAT), as well as Organschaften (tax groups). - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 30 participants - German Required - Advanced “I learned so much. Can't wait to try out new technologies!” “Karin drew my attention to issues I had never thought about. She’s highly qualified.” “Such a practical and valuable session with real examples and concrete feedback.” “Always exceptionally well worthwhile. Robin is certainly an authority in this field.”