13 Preliminary Program | www.atanet.org/conf/2018 SATURDAY, 2:00PM - 3:00PM 148 - LSC T Turning Historical Quality Data into Quality Predictions Teresa Knoll and Serena Williams (ADV) 149 - ET LSC TI Toward the Standardization of Professional Project Management Training Alaina Brantner (ADV) 150 - LT Adding to the Toolbox: Speech Recognition in Translation Nora Díaz (ALL) 151 - I K MED Note-Taking Skills for Korean-Language Medical Interpreters Davi Kim (Presented in English and Korean, ALL) 152 - ET S Translation and Emotions: Keys for Effective Online Instruction and Collaboration Diego Mansilla (Presented in English with Spanish examples, ADV) 153 - J LAW Using Plain Legal English Principles for Better Writing Lisa Hew (INT) 154 - ST TRM Get the Pest, Spare the Rest: The What, Where, How, and Why of Pesticides Matthew Schlecht (INT) 155 - LAW Team Interpreting for Trials Thomas Johnston and Roxane King (ADV) 156 - MED S ST Interpreting in Medical Research: A Pediatric Oncology Breakthrough Massiel Ortega Rivera (Presented in English and Spanish, ALL) 157 - P How to Deal with Portuguese-Language Varieties: A Translator’s View, Part I Marco Neves DS (Presented in Portuguese, ADV) 158 - ET I IC Self-Assessment: An Introspective Overview of an Interpreter’s Cognitive Skills Cristina Silva and Marilia Vinson (INT) 159 - G T The Subtleties of Subtitling Nanette Gobel and Britta Noack (ADV) 160 - IC The General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union: How It Applies to Freelance Translators Worldwide Monique Longton and Audrey Pouligny (ALL) 161 - S Traducción de subtítulos Kathy Byrd and Lina Morales (Presented in Spanish, BEG) SATURDAY, 3:30PM - 4:30PM 162 - LSC LT Artificial Intelligence-Augmented Vendor Management Claudia Di Lorenzo (ADV) 163 - V Cross-cultural Communication Monica Villalobos-Russell (ALL) 164 - FIN MED TRM Increasing Quality and Productivity: Using the Multilingual Resources of the European Union Silvia D’Amico (ALL) 165 - C ST A Comparative Study on the Differences Between English and Chinese Writing Discourse in the Engineering Field Ming Qian (ALL) 166 - A L T English Translations of the Qur’an: A Theoretical Framework Abraham Haak (ADV) 167 - J LAW Japanese— >English Translation in the Context of eDiscovery Hajime Sato (Presented in English and Japanese, INT) 168 - LT ST An Introduction to Neural Machine Translation Carola Berger (INT) 169 - LAW ST Green as a Context for Patent Translation Francoise Herrmann (ADV) 170 - MED S ST New Professional Options for Medical Translators Pablo Mugüerza (ADV) 171 - P How to Deal with Portuguese-Language Varieties: A Translator’s View, Part II Marco Neves DS (Presented in Portuguese, ADV) 172 - I IC 7 Things a Chief Interpreter Wishes You Knew Ewandro Magalhaes (ALL) 173 - ET Designing a Translation Course for Undergraduate Students: Challenges and Benefits Maribel Campoy (ALL) 174 - S Speakers of Latin American Indigenous Languages: What Every Spanish Interpreter Should Know Lorena Pike (Presented in Spanish, ALL) ST Science & Technology T Translation TI T&I Industry TRM Terminology V Varia ATA ATA Activities CE Certification Exam ET Educators & Trainers FIN Financial Translation GOV Government T&I I Interpreting IC Independent Contractors L Literary Translation LAW Legal T&I LSC Language Services Companies LT Language Technology MED Medical T&I J Japanese K Korean N Nordic Languages P Portuguese S Spanish SL Slavic Languages A Arabic C Chinese D Dutch F French G German IT Italian Select sessions will be captured for convenient and flexible learning. Free access is included in your 3-day registration. Visit www.atanet.org/conf/2018/virtual for details. PROGRAM SUBJECT TO CHANGE