FRIDAY, 11:15AM - 12:15PM 061 - F LT Don’t Trust the Machine: How the Persuasive Power of Neural Machine Translation Can Mislead Post-Editors Guillaume Deneufbourg (ALL) 062 - L ST F The Painter, the Lover, the Knave, and the Nerd: Translators Adding Value in Literary Translation Ellen Sowchek and Stephanie Delozier Strobel (ALL) 063 - LT TI Language Technology Wiki: A Place to Shape Translation and Interpreting Technology Jost Zetzsche (ALL) 064 - ET FIN A Matrix Approach to Teaching Business/Financial Translation Silvana Debonis (ALL) 065 - D IC T Strategies for Avoiding Language Interference and Coping with Opinionated Clients Joy Burrough-Boenisch DS (ALL) 066 - ATA TI Don’t Ask What Your Profession Can Do for You, but What You Can Do for Your Profession. Advocacy Matters! Flavia Lima (ALL) 067 - L SL From a Double Margin: Translations of Croatian and Serbian Women Writers into English Sibelan Forrester DS (ADV) 068 - F G J LAW ST Patents: From Draft to Grant, and Tackling Terminological Nightmares Nadine A. Edwards, Nicholas Hartmann, Heike Holthaus, and Karen Tkaczyk (Presented in English with French, German, and Japanese examples, ALL) 069 - IT LAW Being a Faithful Cheat! Betraying Source Texts to Provide Better Legal Translations Claudio Cambon (Presented in English with Italian examples, INT) 070 - ET I MED Navajo Medical Interpreter Training from 1964: The Need for Interpreters Has Always Been Here Jonathan Levy (ALL) 071 - T The Savvy Subtitler Jutta Diel-Dominique and Mylene Vialard (ADV) 072 - I LAW MED Ethics in the Real World Athena Matilsky (ALL) 073 - C GOV The Joy and Challenges of Translating for the United Nations from the Perspective of a Chinese Translator/Manager Zhongliang Chen DS (Presented in English and Chinese, ALL) 074 - IC A Brave New World of Career Possibilities for Linguists: How to Optimize Your Contribution Winnie Heh (ALL) 075 - S T Mix-and-Match: Differences and Similarities Between Latin American and U.S. Education Systems Carol Shaw (ALL) FRIDAY, 2:00PM - 3:00PM 076 - G The Language of Austrian Bureaucracy Dagmar Jenner and Judy Jenner (Presented in German, ALL) 077 - LT Did You Make the Same Mistake Twice? With Xbench, It Won’t Happen Again Izaskun Orkwis (ALL) 078 - GOV S TI Championing Translation to Incite Change Around the World, Part I Amy Firestone DS (ADV) 079 - ET Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Implementing Quality Metrics in Translation Training Based on Industry Standards and Best Practice Veronika Demichelis and Natalia Noland (ADV) 080 - P The 100 Most Difficult Words to Translate into Portuguese, Chapter 3 Tereza Braga (Presented in Portuguese, ALL) 081 - S T Mastering the Vocabulary of National Life Joseph Mazza (Presented in English, ALL) 082 - I J Interpreting Theories and Practice Between Japanese and English,Part I Masaomi Kondo DS (Presented in English with Japanese examples, ALL) 083 - MED ST Genetically Enhanced Cancer Therapies Tapani Ronni (INT) 084 - LAW The Basics of Interpreting at Civil Depositions, Part I Yvette Citizen (ALL) 085 - MED Legal Issues and Reporting Requirements for Staff Health Care Interpreters Elena Morrow (ALL) 086 - T Translating and Editing Academic Articles into English Naomi Sutcliffe de Moraes (INT) 087 - C I K P S Human Trafficking: Culturally Sensitive and Trauma-Informed Interpreting, Part I Kathy Chen, Rochelle Keyhan, and Francheska Loza (ALL) 088 - TRM Setting Up a Termbase in Five Steps Barbara Inge Karsch (ALL) 089 - IC Money Matters: Banking, Bookkeeping, Taxes, and the Independent Contractor Richard Gliech (ALL) 090 - S You Can Find a Needle in a Haystack, but Can You Find a Thimble? A Primer on Regular Expressions, Part I Salvador Virgen (Presented in Spanish, ADV) American Translators Association | 59th Annual Conference 10 BEG = Beginner (Attendees with 1-3 years of experience) INT = Intermediate (Attendees with 4-6 years of experience) ADV = Advanced (Attendees with 7+ years of experience) ALL = All Levels (Attendees of all levels of experience) DS = Distinguished Speakers. See page 5 to learn more. FIND ABSTRACTS, BIOS, AND THE MOST UP-TO-DATE SCHEDULE AT WWW.ATANET.ORG/CONF/2018. SESSION SCHEDULE PRESENTING LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.