9 Preliminary Program | www.atanet.org/conf/2018 ST Science & Technology T Translation TI T&I Industry TRM Terminology V Varia ATA ATA Activities CE Certification Exam ET Educators & Trainers FIN Financial Translation GOV Government T&I I Interpreting IC Independent Contractors L Literary Translation LAW Legal T&I LSC Language Services Companies LT Language Technology MED Medical T&I J Japanese K Korean N Nordic Languages P Portuguese S Spanish SL Slavic Languages A Arabic C Chinese D Dutch F French G German IT Italian THURSDAY, 3:30PM - 4:30PM 031 - G Language Services Providers: Servicing the Legal Professions Franz J. Heidinger DS (Presented in German, ALL) 032 - L TI Publishing Literature in Translation: How Translators Help AmazonCrossing Bring Stories to New Readers Gabriella Page-Fort DS (ADV) 033 - GOV IC Clearing Your Way to Success Janet Quiroz (BEG) 034 - ET S Translation in Language Classes: A Translator Pipeline, Part II Sonia Colina DS (Presented in English with Spanish examples, BEG) 035 - D T In Dutch with Dutch: Battling Language Interference Joy Burrough-Boenisch DS (ALL) 036 - LSC Supercharge Your Business Through Influence Isaac Wambua DS (ADV) 037 - CE J ATA Certification Workshop (English to/from Japanese) Manako Ihaya, David Newby, Satoko Nielsen, Miyako Okamoto, Connie Prener, Akiko Sasaki-Summers, and Izumi Suzuki (Presented in English and Japanese, ALL) 038 - F G IT P S T Plain Language 2.0 for Translation: Add Style to Your Writing without Sacrificing Clarity Romina Marazzato Sparano (Presented in English with French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish examples, ADV) 039 - LAW Trials and Tribulations of Updating the Code of Conduct for Court Interpreters Milena Calderari-Waldron and Emma Garkavi (ALL) 040 - MED Introduction to Medical Translation Amanda Pease (BEG) 041 - L SL Susana Greiss Lecture: A Translator’s Path to Eastern Europe Sibelan Forrester DS (Presented in English with Croatian, Russian, and Serbian examples, ALL) 042 - I MED It Takes a Village of Medical Interpreters to Care for a Child, Part II Pedro Diaz DS (ADV) 043 - C CE ATA’s Chinese— >English Certification Exam and Modern Chinese Orthography James Jones (Presented in English with Chinese examples, INT) 044 - IC LAW Exactly Who Is Responsible for Paying Your Fees? Cristina Helmerichs and Steve Mines (ALL) 045 - S Herramientas básicas de la Real Academia y recursos afines en la TAV Ana Gabriela Gonzalez Meade (Presented in Spanish, ADV) FRIDAY, 10:00AM - 11:00AM 046 - F When It Comes to Language, Nobody Knows It All Muriel Gilbert DS (Presented in French, ADV) 047 - L Stand Up for Your Rights in Literary Translation! Kevin Quirk (ADV) 048 - LT Control Files before They Control You: An Advanced Guide to Proper File Type Handling Sameh Ragab (ADV) 049 - ATA CE ATA’s Certification Exam: Questions and Answers Caron Bailey and David Stephenson (ALL) 050 - K MED ST Korean— >English Translations of Pharmaceutical Clinical Studies: The Fundamentals Carl Sullivan (INT) 051 - IC LSC The Business of Translation Renato Beninatto and Tucker Johnson (ALL) 052 - SL How to Get Tense: Translating Verbs Into and Out of Slavic Languages Larry Bogoslaw (Presented in English with Slavic examples, ALL) 053 - ST A Journey of 10,000 Miles: Translating Environmental Nonfiction Ana Salotti (ALL) 054 - LAW Assorting, Understanding, and Translating Contract Clauses Paula Arturo (ADV) 055 - ET MED What Errors Do Candidates Failing CCHI’s Healthcare Interpreter Certification Exams Make? Natalya Mytareva (ALL) 056 - T Termbase: An Introduction to the Terminology of Translation Geoffrey Cox (ALL) 057 - I Note-Taking for Dialog Consecutive Interpreting in Diverse Settings Katharine Allen (INT) 058 - C LAW T From the Editor’s Desk: Challenges in English— >Chinese Contract Translation Liming Pals and Tianlu Redmon (INT) 059 - IC How to Use a Free Project Management Tool to Plan, Manage, and Grow in Your Profession Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo (ALL) 060 - S T Spanish— >English Translation Slam Lisa Carter, Sarah Symons Glegorio, Jamie Hartz, and Rachel Koev (Presented in English and Spanish, ALL)