American Translators Association | 59th Annual Conference 6 AST COURSES: 8:30AM - 12:00PM, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24 AST-1 Revisions, Revisions: The Art and Craft of the Edit (German— >English) Geoffrey Cox Using real-world examples, we will tear translations down to the studs and rebuild them while addressing different editing scenarios to learn strategies for transforming tricky German texts. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 30 participants - German Required - All Levels - To be submited for Certified Interpreter CEs AST-2 Skill-Building for the Seasoned Interpreter Athena Matilsky Whether you hope to pass an interpreting exam or simply improve your on-the-job renditions, you’ll leave this workshop feeling more confident, prepared, and ready to achieve your professional goals. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 50 participants - Language-Neutral - Advanced - To be submited for Certified Interpreter CEs AST-3 The Definitive Guide to Making the Internet and Its Technologies Work Better for Translators Sameh Ragab Come learn the secrets of the internet and its technologies, including web scraping and automating administrative tasks to save time for actual translation work. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 50 participants - Language-Neutral - Advanced AST-4 Legal Translation Workshop: Fine-Tuning Your Skills Paula Arturo Attend this workshop to get hands-on experience with real-life challenging legal texts and develop skills to achieve the pristine renditions that the market demands. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 30 participants - Laptop Required - Language-Neutral - Advanced SPACE IS LIMITED AST courses have limited seating to ensure the individual attention needed for an optimal learning experience. Attendees must pre-register. See page 16 for registration form. SELECT INSTRUCTION AST Day offers courses, chosen to provide intensive, interactive instruction from highly-acclaimed speakers. Each course is worth 3 ATA CEPs. Interpreters may earn CEs as indicated. NETWORKING BREAK Attendees enjoy focused and effective networking. Each AST course includes an individual break exclusively for the attendees and speakers of that course. Q Q Q “One of the best sessions. Geoffrey is an engaging speaker and made it fun!” “Energetic and engaging,Athena knows her material. Highly recommended!” “Sameh delivers and amazes. His sessions are a real life-saver for any translator.” “Paula is an expert presenter with relevant and useful insight.” AST-5 Mode-Switching: Taking Your Interpreting Skill Set to the Next Level Katharine Allen This workshop takes attendees through different scenarios to provide concrete strategies for how and when to switch from consecutive to sight translation to simultaneous to note-taking. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 30 participants - Language-Neutral - Advanced - To be submited for Certified Interpreter CEs AST-6 Words in Context: Translating Business and Finance Terminology from English into Spanish Silvana Debonis This English— >Spanish translation workshop will focus on certain polysemic terms in business and finance, including equity, fees, management, and business. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 40 participants - Spanish Required - Advanced AST-7 Preparing for ATA’s English— >Spanish Certification Exam Rudy Heller and Diego Mansilla Get ready to take on this challenge by completing a Practice Test and receiving hands-on instruction for avoiding errors. If you submit your test by September 24, it will be graded and returned to you at the end of the course. - Course fee: $300 - Limited to 25 participants - Spanish Required - All Levels - ATA Practice Test has a value of $80-$120 AST-8 Delving Below the Surface: Translating the Subliminal Meaning Between the Lines Sabine Seiler Get practical experience using proven techniques for capturing what a text conveys between the lines to enhance the quality of your translation. Sample texts will be provided and the course will be tailored to your needs. - Course fee: $200 - Limited to 30 participants - Language-Neutral - Advanced “We need more of Katharine. She is a first-class speaker and teacher.” “Silvana's ability to explain financial jargon in layman's terms is so impressive.” “The course gave excellent insight into what is required to pass the exam.” “I think about translation on a different level now.Thank you.”