American Translators Association | 59th Annual Conference 8 BEG = Beginner (Attendees with 1-3 years of experience) INT = Intermediate (Attendees with 4-6 years of experience) ADV = Advanced (Attendees with 7+ years of experience) ALL = All Levels (Attendees of all levels of experience) DS = Distinguished Speakers. See page 5 to learn more. FIND ABSTRACTS, BIOS, AND THE MOST UP-TO-DATE SCHEDULE AT WWW.ATANET.ORG/CONF/2018. THURSDAY, 11:15AM - 12:15PM 001 - F Gender-Neutral Language Makes the Front Page Muriel Gilbert DS (Presented in French, ALL) 002 - LT F F How to Train Your Machine Translation Engine John Di Rico (ADV) 003 - MED S TI Responding to Disaster: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from the 2017 North Bay Fires Julie Burns (ADV) 004 - ET Collaborating to Design a Competency-Based Translator Training Program Jason Jolley (ALL) 005 - K Coping with the Advent of Artificial Intelligence Sieun Lee and Miryoung Sohn (Presented in Korean, INT) 006 - T The Creative World of Transcreation and Copywriting Kate Deimling (ADV) 007 - A I LAW Common Performance Deficiencies on the Oral Arabic Court Interpreting Exam Sawsan Abugosseisa and Amine El Fajri (Presented in English and Arabic, ALL) 008 - IC ST How to Specialize and Expand Your Business into New Technical Markets, Part II Lebzy Gonzalez, Nicholas Hartmann, Matthew Schlecht, and Karen Tkaczyk (ALL) 009 - LAW Compromissory Language: Linguistic Issues in International Arbitration Alexandra Mc Millan (ALL) 010 - T Linguistic Tools for Translators Timothy Wood (ALL) 011 - P Whipping Portuguese— >English Translations into Shape Timothy Friese (INT) 012 - CE SL T Group Mind: How Colleagues Can Help Each Other Prepare for ATA’s Certification Exam Maria Guzenko and Eugenia Tietz-Sokolskaya (INT) 013 - G T Making Sense of im Sinne von and Other German Phrases Translators Love to Hate Matt Baird (Presented in English and German, ALL) 014 - IC LSC The Language Services Company and Linguist Lifecycle: A Recipe for Moving Past Transactions and into Thriving Partnerships Michael Bearden (ALL) 015 - I LAW S Spanish— >English Interpreting in Juvenile Delinquency and Dependency Proceedings Carol Palacio (Presented in English and Spanish, ALL) THURSDAY, 2:00PM - 3:00PM 016 - F T Pleats, Pockets, and Problems: The Deceptive Ease of Fashion Translation Denise Jacobs and Liza Tripp (Presented in English with French examples, ADV) 017 - L TI International Literature: A Data-Driven Approach to Prioritizing Diversity Gabriella Page-Fort DS (ADV) 018 - LT TI Future Tense: How Artificial Intelligence and Neural Machine Translation Are Shaping Our Industry Jay Marciano (ALL) 019 - ET S Translation in Language Classes: A Translator Pipeline, Part I Sonia Colina DS (Presented in English with Spanish examples, BEG) 020 - K The Problem of Mistranslation in Public Places Sieun Lee and Miryoung Sohn (Presented in Korean, INT) 021 - T How to Conduct a Quality Assessment Jennifer DeCamp (ADV) 022 - J Unedited, Unscripted Japanese: What’s Missing and How to Translate It Allyson Larimer (Presented in English and Japanese, INT) 023 - C ST Patent Translation for Liberal Arts Majors Evelyn Garland and Aaron Hebenstreit (Presented in English with Chinese examples, ADV) 024 - LAW S Interpreting in State Courts Irene Radillo-Diaz (Presented in English and Spanish, ALL) 025 - I MED Translation at Medical Interpreting Appointments Helen Eby and Tina Pena (ADV) 026 - P Gourmet Translation in Portuguese: Adding Some Flavor and Depth Elenice Barbosa de Araujo (Presented in Portuguese, ALL) 027 - I MED It Takes a Village of Medical Interpreters to Care for a Child, Part I Pedro Diaz DS (ADV) 028 - G Searching and Researching German— >English Resources on the Internet Jill R. Sommer (ALL) 029 - IC Project Management Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Freelancers Manuela Sampaio (INT) 030 - S A Guide to Achieving Faithful but Idiomatic Translations Maria Barros (Presented in Spanish, ALL) SESSION SCHEDULE PRESENTING LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.