"The conference always inspires me for another year of work. It truly is a worthwhile experience."

"I was able to bring my skills to the next level, increasing my confidence as a professional translator."

"It's wonderful to gain new allies in the language industry and hear different perspectives."

"The quality and relevance of the sessions allows for discovering new fields and finding out about industry trends."

"I truly value the opportunity the conference provides for tapping into the power of networking."

"Everybody is open-minded and willing to share their knowledge, tips, and ideas."

"Sessions got us all thinking and challenged us to do better."



ATA60 provides continuing education opportunities for both ATA-Certified Translators and Credentialed Interpreters.

ATA-Certified Translators

ATA-certified translators may earn one Continuing Education Point (CEP) for each hour of conference sessions and AST courses attended, up to a maximum of 10 CEPs. To receive your CEPs, retain the Certificate of Attendance that you will receive by email after the conference. (Sample only shown here.)

Your personalized Certificate of Attendance is now available!
To download or print your certificate, just follow these steps:

  1. Click this link: https://www.atanet.org/conf/login.php
  2. Login using the username and password provided for the ATA60 App. Your login info can be found on your conference badge, as well as in several emails previously sent. If you cannot find your login info, please email Cathy Taguding at cathy@atanet.org.

Certified Interpreters

How to Receive Credit

To receive credit, you must contact an organization directly and follow the instructions they provide.

The following organizations have approved specific AST Courses (Oct 23) and Conference Sessions (Oct 24-26) for CE credit. Credit will only be given for attending approved sessions which meet program criteria.

To learn which sessions have been approved and to receive credit, you must contact that organization and follow the instructions they provide.

  • Arizona: Arizona Administrative Office of the Court (Learn More)
  • California: California Judicial Council Court Interpreters Program (Learn More)
    Download file of approved sessions
  • CCHI: Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (Learn More)
  • Colorado: Colorado Judicial Department Office of Language Access (Learn More)
  • Delaware: Delaware Court Interpreter Program (Learn More)
  • Florida: Florida Court Interpreter Certification and Regulation Program (Learn More)
  • Idaho: Idaho Supreme Court Language Access Program (Learn More)
  • IMIA: International Medical Interpreters Association (Learn More)
  • Iowa: Iowa Language Access Services, Office of Court Administration (Learn More)
  • Kentucky: Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts (Learn More)
  • Maryland: Maryland Court Interpreter Program (Learn More)
  • Michigan: Michigan State Court Administrative Office (Learn More)
  • Minnesota: Minnesota Court Interpreter Program (Learn More)
  • Mississippi: Mississippi Court Interpreter Program (Learn More)
  • Missouri: Missouri Foreign Language Court Interpreter Program (Learn More)
  • Nebraska: Nebraska Administrative Office of the Courts (Learn More)
  • New Mexico: New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts (Learn More)
  • North Carolina: North Carolina Office of Court Administration (Learn More)
  • Ohio: Ohio Language Services Program (Learn More)
  • Oregon: Oregon Court Language Access Services (Learn More)
  • Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Court Interpreter Certification Program (Learn More)
  • Tennessee: Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts (Learn More)
  • Utah: Utah Administrative Office of the Court Interpreting Program (Learn More)
  • Washington: Washington Court Interpreter Program (Learn More)
  • Wisconsin: Wisconsin Office of Court Operations, Court Interpreter Services (Learn More)

Applications have been submitted to the following organizations, but approval is pending. 

  • Texas: Texas Judicial Branch Certification Commission (Learn More)

Other Organizations: At this time, the following do NOT require certified court interpreters to earn CEs: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT).

Education Links


If you're a first-time attendee, the ATA Conference Newcomer Blog is the place for you! You'll find tried-and-true advice from veteran conference-goers.


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