Wouldn’t it be nice to see a familiar face when you’re attending the conference for the first time? This mutually rewarding networking opportunity lets “Newbies” (first-time attendees) get paired up with “Buddies” (seasoned attendees) to get the most from their conference experience.


At this event, Newbies and Buddies are paired up with each other and will take part in some getting-to-know-you activities and networking role-playing.

Walk-ins are welcome, but pre-registration (by October 14) is recommended so that newbies and buddies can be matched prior to the event. Register Today!

Open to 3-Day Conference Attendees Only
WEDNESDAY  |  4:45PM – 5:30PM

During the Conference

Newbies and Buddies are encouraged to attend one session together and have one meal together so that Newbies can ask questions and Buddies can offer personalized advice.

Newbies will receive a little extra support as they navigate all the sessions and events, while Buddies are rewarded knowing they made someone feel welcome at their first conference.


This event will help participants process and organize all of the information they have taken in over the past three days.

They will learn how to follow up with the new contacts they’ve made and about ATA’s other networking opportunities, such as the Mentoring Program, divisions, listservs, and local chapters.

Open to 3-Day and Saturday-Only Conference Attendees
SATURDAY  |  12:30PM – 1:30PM

Why should you be a Buddy?

  • To make someone feel welcome at their first conference
  • To expand your professional network
  • To gain insight or a different perspective
  • To make new friends and have fun!
  • Sign up to be a Buddy!