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Directory of Translators and Interpreters

Who is listed in the directory?

ATA's Directory of Translators and Interpreters lists 6,381 freelance translators and interpreters offering services in more than 573 language combinations.

Why hire a freelancer?

A professional freelancer can bring you the one-to-one working relationship you want for your job.

Do I need a professional?

It may be tempting to ask a friend or college student to handle translation and interpreting jobs. Before you do, think about what a mistake will cost you—at best, an embarrassment; at worst, a public relations disaster.

Directory of Language Companies

Who is listed in the directory?

ATA's Directory of Language Companies lists 557 companies offering translation and interpreting services in more than 134 language combinations.

Why hire a company?

Larger projects may require the resources and project management of a language services provider.

Guide to Services Agreements >>

It makes sense to begin the business relationship with a format agreement or contract for the services to be provided.

How to Find the Right Professional for Your Job

Using the ATA directories

The ATA online directories make it easy for you to match your job to a freelancer or language services company. The simplest directory search allows you to find a translator, interpreter, or company by language combination, specialties, and location. The advanced search lets you further customize your query to the specific skills, education, and credentials required for your job.

How the business works >>

It's hard to know where to begin and what to ask. The ATA Compass gives you the information you need to make the best decisions for your budget.

About machine translation >>

Can't a computer do all this? There are times when machine translation is useful and times when it's not.

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